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Netball SN4R-P SN5R-P Molten

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Item Description: Netball


Specification : PRACTICE

Colour :PINK


Bladder :BUTYL

Sizes : 4,5


The Molten brand offers high-quality netballs that have gained international recognition and acclaim as a top choice for elite athletes around the globe. It is highly suitable for all levels and the perfect choice for schools, universities, and all netball clubs. It s a big change in the netball world with new technology. Its textured surface lends extra stability in flight, delivering players extra control to command the pitch.

 Benefits & features

 Size: 5

Performance for all levels

Suitable for matches

Ideal for school, universities & netball clubs and teams

matte finish

Premium High-quality material


SN4R-PINK - Size 4 

SN5R-PINK - Size 5